Family chiropractic clinic

Welcome to Biddenden Family Chiropractic, we are an experienced clinic of qualified practitioners and offer a wide range of treatments including; chiropractic manipulation, K-Laser therapy, sports massage, dry needling and functional neurology.

We even have a dedicated paediatric chiropractor, who is qualified to treat babies and children and we regularly see elderly patients, some in their nineties!

Common conditions we treat include; headaches, migraines, stiff necks, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, knee complaints, shoulder pain, muscle strains, ligament damage, foot and heel pain, tennis or golfer's elbow, muscle spasms, cramp and many other forms of musculoskeletal disorder.

Our services

Chiropractic therapy

Chiropractors diagnosis, treat and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. These treatments are delivered through a series of ‘adjustments’ to the musculoskeletal system, mechanically re-aligning the body, especially in and around the spinal column.
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Paediatric chiropractic

Unfortunately, all too often the need for spinal care for newborns, infants and children goes unrecognized and untreated. Paediatric chiropractors can diagnosis and 'adjust' the child's musculoskeletal system, by mechanically re-aligning the spine and pelvis.
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Massage therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to treat soft tissue pain, caused by myofascial dysfunction. Often this is due to injury or repetitive strains and can be a chronic pain disorder that refers pain on to other parts of the body, often in an un-related location to the original source.
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Functional neurology

Traditionally Neurology looks at disease of the nervous system as black-and-white, one side being optimal function and the other being neurological disease. Functional Neurology examines and detects areas of lesser function within the nervous system. This can be detected by testing eye movements, fine movement control, balance, etc.
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K Laser therapy

K-Laser delivers energy through different light wavelengths, enabling treated tissues to accelerate the stages of the healing process and reduce the pain sensation. This is a safe and non-invasive technique, suitable for anybody of any age, that uses the body's own reparative processes.
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Dry needling

Also called ‘Western Acupuncture’ this technique is used to treat muscular problems. It works by inserting a small, sterile needle into the muscle’s trigger point, reducing pain and increasing its range of motion. This is achieved by normalising dysfunctions of the motor end plates.
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Injuries we treat

Office worker suffering with back pain and sciatica.

Back pain

About 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lifetime. For many chiropractic care is often the preferred treatment.

Runner suffering with foot pain.

Foot complaints

We treat a number of foot and heel complaints including; Plantar Fasciitis, ankle stiffness, ankle sprains and heel spurs. Using manipulation and K-laser.

Man suffering with chronic neck pain.

Stiff neck

Neck pain most commonly originates from whiplash injury or poor posture. Appropriate treatment and exercises can alleviate a lot of the pain.

Footballer suffering with knee pain.

Sports injuries

We specialise in the treatment of sports injuries, tayloring recovery plans that include; manipulation, K-laser therapy, dry-needling and sports massage.

Man suffering with headaches and migraines.

Headaches & migraines

Commonly migraines are misdiagnosed, yet with a functional neurology assessment and a taylored treatment plan, we can often remove them for good.

Man suffering with wrist joint pain.

Joint restrictions

In practice, we commonly see a range of joint movement restrictions, including; tight upper backs, stiff hips and ankles. This can cause unnecessary discomfort.

Lady suffering with cronic shoulder pain.

Shoulder complaints

This very mobile joint is as a result not the most stable. We provide treatment and rehab exercises to common problem areas including the rotator cuff.

Runner suffering with balance issues.

Balance issues

Doing a functional neurology assessment will help us to find the route of your balance issues and address them with a taylored treatment plan.

Our prices

New Patient Consultation

45 - 60 minutes


Chiropractic Treatment

15 - 25 minutes


Paediatric Chiropractic Treatment (child)

15 - 25 minutes


Massage Therapy

50 minutes per treatment
25 minute re-visit          £35


Full Body Swedish Massage

50 minutes per treatment


Hot Stone Relaxing Massage

50 minutes per treatment
90 minute option          £80


K Laser Therapy

10 - 20 minutes per treatment


Course of 6 K Laser Therapy Sessions

£30 discount


Functional Neurology Assesment

60 minute assesment


First visit

New patients please . . .

Rebecca Oliver. Practitioner at Biddenden Chiropractic performing chiropractic treatment to a patient suffering with back pain.
  • Bring any medical notes relating to your injury.
  • Wear appropriate light-weight clothing.
  • Allow 45 - 60 minutes.

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