Injuries We Treat

Back Pain

About 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lifetime. For many, Chiropractic care is the preferred treatment because of it’s efficacy and natural approach.

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Shoulder Pain

This very mobile joint is as a result not the most stable. We provide treatment and rehab exercises to common problem areas including the rotator cuff.

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Stiff Neck

Neck pain most commonly originates from whiplash injury or poor posture. Appropriate treatment and exercises could alleviate a lot of pain.

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Hip Pain

About 75% of the older population will experience hip pain at some point during their life. For many Chiropractic care is the best treatment to relieve this pain.

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Muscle Injuries

Muscular strains and tears can be painful and require good health care. Both Chiropractic manipulation and K-Laser therapy provide safe treatment options.

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Joint Restrictions

In practice, we commonly see a range of joint movement restrictions, including; tight upper backs, stiff hips and ankles. This can cause unnecessary discomfort. Using specific chiropractic adjustment techniques, we can often make you feel…

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Knee Injuries

In practice, commonly seen injuries include damage to the Meniscus, Cruciate & Collateral ligaments and damage to the Patella-femoral tendon.

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Sports Injuries

Athletes competing in high level sport will often injure themselves, or suffer with repeat injuries due to increased repetitive movements. We provide many treatment options and rehabilitation exercises to relieve chronic pain.

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Foot Complaints

We treat a number of foot and heel complaints including; Plantar Fasciitis, ankle stiffness, ankle sprains and heel spurs. Using manipulation and K-laser.

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Ligament Damage

Treatment to sprained ligaments include K-Laser therapy, stretching exercises, soft tissue work and adjacent joint manipulation through Chiropractic techniques.

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Balance Issues

Doing a functional neurology assessment will help us to find the route of your balance issues and address them with a taylored treatment plan.

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Tennis Elbow

Both tennis and golfer’s elbow are common injuries experienced by many, not just athletes. We provide many effective treatment options to alleviate persistent pain.

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Headaches & Migraines

Commonly migraines are misdiagnosed, yet with a functional neurology assessment and a taylored treatment plan, we can often remove them for good. This is extra copy that is being used for testing purpose only and…

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