Chiropractic therapy by Tom Claykens a qualified chiropractor and sports scientist. Biddenden Chiropractic offer a range of treatments for back, shoulder, knee and neck pain.
Rebecca Oliver is our paediatric chiropractor at Biddenden Chiropractic. We offer a range of treatments for back, shoulder & neck pain.

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Welcome to Biddenden Family Chiropractic. We are an experienced clinic of qualified practitioners and offer a wide range of treatments including; chiropractic manipulation, K-Laser therapy, sports massage, life coaching, dry needling and functional neurology.

We even have a dedicated paediatric and pregnancy chiropractor, who is qualified to treat pregnant patients pre- and postpartum, babies and young children.

Common conditions we treat include; headaches, migraines, stiff necks, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, knee complaints, shoulder pain, muscle strains, ligament damage, foot and heel pain, tennis or golfer's elbow, muscle spasms, cramp and many other forms of musculoskeletal disorders.

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