Massage Therapy

Rebecca Wissman hot stone massaging a patient at Biddenden Chiropractic. We offer a range of treatments for back, shoulder, knee and neck pain.

Massage therapy focuses on the muscles, facia and tissues around them, easing pain, stiffness and fatigue, reducing muscle tension and promoting flexibility to prevent further injury.

Modern lifestyles tend to have a detrimental effect on the muscular skeletal system and the way we move, lift, bend and spend large amounts of our time sitting down will shorten or lengthen the muscle fibres.

Some muscles are overworked, become tired, injured, or weak. When muscle fibres get tensed, shortened or are weak, tensions and knots build in these areas. Massage can help relieve day to day stiffness and pain, repetitive strain injury, tension and fatigue.

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Our Practitioner

Rebecca Wissman

Sports Masseur

The latest addition to our practicing team, Rebecca qualified at the prestigious Axelsons Gymnastic Institute in Sweden and specialises in treating muscular injuries and soft tissue pain, caused by myofascial dysfunction. She gained her experience working onboard luxury yachts, ski resorts and in high-end wellbeing spas.

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