Vitamin D testing and optimal supplementation.

Vitamin D Supplements available at Biddenden Chiropractic.

With the sunshine getting weaker, it is time to supplement with a good Vitamin D supplement to prevent deficiency this Winter.

It is now well established that optimal levels of vitamin D are essential for your health. Yet still a staggering 86% of adults living in this country are deficient in the Winter, dropping to still 50% in the Summer. Vitamin D is naturally obtained through exposure to sunlight and from foods such as oily fish, eggs, fortified fat spreads and some fortified breakfast cereals. But it’s difficult to get enough from food alone. Aside from this the fortified foods have it in a poorly absorbed form (D2 instead of D3).

In order to offer the best personal advice, we are now offering vitamin D level testing in the practice. Based on your current levels, we can tailor your dosage to reach optimal levels. This is essential for your immune system and bone strength, but also helps regulate your nervous system and even gene expression!.

It is important however that you supplement with a good product. First of all, make sure it comes in the active D3 form, not D2. Then look out for the inclusion of K2 in the supplement. This to ensure calcium is absorbed in your bones, rather than accumulating it in your blood vessels. Finally the dosage. Often the added vitamin d in a multi-supplement is minimal and does hardly anything (like 400I.U.). For most adults, several thousand I.U. per day is ideal. This depends on several factors like current levels, skin colour and fat percentage (since vitamin D is fat soluble).

Please speak to one of our staff members or chiropractors for more information.

For most people it won't cost more than £0.25 per day. This is like they say, a "no-brainer".

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